Lincoln Young

3D Animator | Illustrator | Visual Designer

About Me

I am a recent graduate of the Digital Media & Design program at the University of Kentucky and am looking to start my professional career. I am a self taught 3D animator, have three years of professional internship experience in Graphic Design and Illustration, and have been the lead animator on a NASA grant project with the University of Kentucky College of Engineering.

I am looking for work as both a 3D animator, and as a Visual Designer to keep my options open. I am deeply passionate about anything that allows me to create beauty and express emotion and meaning so I am sure whichever path I ultimately take will allow me to pursue that passion.

I am originally from Montana, and find enjoyment in athletic activities and spending time in nature. When I’m not hiding behind my computer I’m most likely up on a mountain somewhere, in the gym, or lost in a book. Though my athletics career is now at an end, I was a D1 pole vaulter for 4 years with the University of Kentucky Wildcats.